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@Anon 1 : Hey there! Haha. Ikr, I love how they ship worldwide for free! 

@Anon 2 : Hey hey hey GLORIA? You’re Gloria right? Gloria who starred at JYP’s sexy picture non-stop for a good 10 minutes?  (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) Haha. 

1. High4 ft IU - Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms

2. Donghae & Eunhyuk - Still You

3. Jay Park ft Simon D & GRAY - Metronome

4. Seung Ri - Gotta Talk To You

5. Exo - Growl  Live version

6. Jay Park - Joah 

7. F(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum

8. Henry - Trap

9. Ji Min - Stand Up

10. C Clown - Shaking Heart

11. Phantom - Hole In Your Face

12. Rookiez is Punk’d - In My World

13. Yuuhi Saka - Choucho Accoustiv Ver. 

14. L’Arc~en~Ciel - Daybreak’s Bell

15. Shinee - Replay

16. Hanatan - Lady Killer

17. Mblaq - Smoky Girl

18. Beast - Shadow

Lol, I hope not. He will be in your dream instead of mine XD 

@Anon 3 : Hi hi there! I’m so sorry! I don’t know any best skin whitening products that isn’t super pricey and effective but still can I know how much is your overall budget so I can recommend better? Thank you so much for loving my blog! I appreciate it! Sorry but please let me know your budget first so I can try to recommend you something ; ^ ; Sorry again OTL.. Have a nice day!

@Anon 4 : Hi hi hi! Perfect makeup combination? I can’t suggest you a perfect makeup combination as even we might share the same skin type (combination), our skins actually still vary from each other and products may cause different reactions and results in every person skin so I hope you can understand ^^”. But still, I hope this makeup combination will be great for you! Banila Co Prime Primer Classic Matte (primer) - Hera CC Cream - Etude House Any Cushion (semi dewy) / Laneige BB Cushion (semi dewy but a lil bit more dewy than Etude’s one) (only use one of this and use one of this if you needed more coverage) and lastly if you really like matte finishing looks, you can mattifies your face with Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact (if you prefer pact type more) / Skinfood Red Orange Sun Powder (if you’re looking for more sun protection as this one offers SPF45 PA+++ but the oil control just so-so) /  Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder. Hope this helps! Have a nice day! ^w^

@Anon 5 : Hey hey there!! Haha no offense taken, don’t worry! I’m not and I’m pretty sure how effective a product is different on each skin even among Asian skin so I know Asian skin can be different to Caucasian’s. I even put a side note on my blog “Product may cause different reaction and result in every person skin. The influence is skin type, skin tone and allergic. For the appearance, fragrance and flavor may variant according to our pleasure.” I hope that I have assisted with your enquiry. Thank you for your question and have a nice day! ^w^

@Anon 6 : ‘Cause I’m only human //sings to Christina Perri’s. Haha. Yes I do get acne when it’s around ‘dat time of the month’ sometime! haha. Well I’m not sure if it will works for you but usually I managed to avoid getting acne during that time if I drink green tea every mornings! Also I will put acne spot serum/cream (I love Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel!) on my clear skin (before getting any acne) to prevent them (acne) from showing up the next day. Do give it a try! I mean, drink green tea everyday! It’s not only good for your skin, it’s good for your health too! ^w^ Hope this helps and have a nice day!

@Anon 7 : Hi hi there! Sure, I bought them from Gmarket and from this seller (clicky here) and here (clicky here). Hope this helps and have a nice day also have a nice shopping! XD 

@Kingyohanabi : Hello back darling! *winku winku* ;D XD Thank you! I hope you’re well too! Can you list me the products that you’re using right now? The products you’ve been using now might be not really suitable for your skin and are harsh on your skin. Try mild exfoliation then afterwards continue with a hydrating mask and please do try to revise your skincare routine (check the ingredients list too). Please do remember I’m not a professional tho, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist to know your skin better. ^^ I think Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Cream is a good choice or if you’re looking for a richer moisture, go for Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Enriched Cream (review here). Hope this helps and have a nice day! Good luck! You’re welcome!

hi hello again! (im the one asking abt the eye cream) thanks for answering my questions. i sent the msg on mobile (no word limit) but turned out tumblr cut my msg anyway. actually, im looking for tips before, during or after applying eye cream or what is the proper way to apply it. the only tip i know is using the fourth finger. all reviews i read said isfren eye cream worked on them so i hope it'll work on me too >< will let you know after i finish using it! thanks :D

Hi hi hello again! ^w^ You’re most welcome! Firstly remember that the skin that surrounds our eyes is very thin and extremely delicate and many times is among the first to show signs of aging so we need to be really gentle when applying eye cream. You can also use cotton swab instead of your ring finger. Start by applying underneath your eye on the area which is the most closest to your nose. Gently dot the eye cream around your eye area then work your way from the inside bottom lid to the outside bottom corner. Don’t forget to apply on your top eyelid too, dot your eye cream along the length of your top eyelid (on the brow bone area because I heard cream travels almost an inch over time so if you apply it directly on your crow’s feet, it will travel into your eyes which will make you ended up waking up with puffy bags. I read about this here (clicky here)). Pay special attention to any problem areas where you have fine wrinkles or lines, even if those areas extend out from your eye line a bit. Lastly, tap the areas dotted by cream with a light gentle motion to help the eye cream absorb into the skin. The important thing is to be as delicate as you can when applying the eye cream. I hope this helps! Thank you! ^w^ <3 Have a nice day! You’re welcome! 

ohh i see. like forever 21 quality right? i imagined it to be like that. have you ever bought their sweaters? i'm looking at them now. their website is quite confusing ;-;

Yes, you’re right! ^w^ Yes I have and so far from the sweaters I’ve received from Gmarket are good quality. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon! 

yep, the yellow vc effector! i'm not very acne prone but is there a better one on the power 10 line i should use? so in order: missha 1st treatment essence, malgem smoother, power 10, malgem emulsion, spot treatment, eye cream, cream? or does spot treatment go before emulsion? so missha 1st treatment can be the first thing i put on my face and no toner needed? what do u mean "can skip using the Missha 1st treatment and switch Aloe Moistfull Cream to other cream the next time" i'm a bit confused?

Hi hi there! ^w^ You can opt for the VB effector which is an oil free essence containing Vitamin B6 which controls the secretion of sebum. It also balances the natural moisture and oils. If you have enlarged pores you can opt for the PO effector which especially designed to treat pores that contains high concentrated of Houttuynia cordata extracts which have the superior function of controlling sebum and has 4 other ingredients combined to tighten pores. I think the spot treatment you’re using is a cream type so it should go after emulsion. Yup, Missha 1st Treatment is the first thing you should put on your face and then followed by a toner if you want to. What I mean by you can skip the Missha 1st Treatment is after you’ve finished using it, there’s no need for you to repurchase the Missha 1st Treatment as it’s not really the priority for your skin hence I said you can skip it the next time if you want to but it’s totally just my opinion ^^;;  As for switching Aloe Moistfull Cream, I said you can switch to another cream once you’ve finish your Aloe Moistfull Cream but it’s not a must (not a must that you’ve to change to another cream, it was simply just my recommendation and opinion too). Hope this clarify your confusion? Haha. Hope this helps! Have a nice day! ^^

omfg qurl, jelly of your clothes haul!! they look like cool clothes *^* how is the quality tho??

Hey qurl! The quality is just okay I guess, some of them are quite thin but not really really thin that it’s going to rip in any seconds tho. ; w ; The quality definitely not the best but they’re still wearable and okay, haha. Hope this helps! ^w^ Have a nice day! 

to zyro, i really like your blog and personality !! you always answer asks sweetly ^^ i find myself smiling a bit when i read your answers but then i mentally slap myself for being silly lol. youre one year older than me but ahh i want to be more like you personality wise haha //// ill cross my fingers ! fighting ! - a fan :V

Hi hi there! * // A // * I really don’t know how to respond to this as I feel like I don’t deserve this high compliment. ; A ; But anyway, thank you so much for liking my blog and.. ehto, my personality… o: Awww right now I’m the one who’s smiling like crazy because of your sweet message! *blushes* ( * ´ ∀ ` * ) Thank you for compliment and idk what else to say. I’m at a loss for words. and omg a fan ; // A // ; Be my friend instead of a fan! *^* <3 Thank you once again and have a nice day. Halp, I can’t stahp smiling because of you! You makes my day ^w^ <3 

Gmarket Haul + Upcoming Reviews


If you guys read my shop review for ibuybeauti (click here for the review), I said that I’ve big and heavy package which costs more than $600 from Gmarket to arrive this month and I’ll let you guys know if it’s being seized by customs or not and here’s the package. Total weight is 11.73 kg with ₩639,020 ($623.04) as total cost including shipping but Gmarket only wrote down $151 for the total cost and I guess that’s why I passed the customs’ inspections. From the informations I’ve collected, if you’re residing in Malaysia you’ll be taxed if your parcel cost more than RM500 ($154 - total cost including shipping cost) and if you’re living in Australia (thanks to Michelle for this information) you won’t be taxed for goods under $1000 AUD. Another great method to avoid being seized by customs is by putting “gifts” on the EMS paper (on the contents). You can ask your seller to put it as gifts. I was dumbfounded when I saw my package. I swear the box is freaking big that I can fit comfortably inside the box. ;;=_= I wonder why Gmarket gave me a big box when they could give me a less big one.. The big box alone is really heavy and I bet that’s why my package overall is so heavy. 


Turned out there are another boxes inside.. NO WONDER IT’S FREAKING 11KG+ AND BIG. OTL.. Way to cost me more on the shipping part. U so cruel, cruel, cruel (singing to Sistar - So Cool but change cool to cruel instead lol) Gmarket ; A ; 

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OTLSo so sorry for the super late replies. I’ve been super busy these days (ever since my brother get a job) and I have to wake up at 5 a.m everyday except on the weekend (I’ve to drive my brother to the train station and pick him up when he got back from work) so mostly I will be sleeping at noon then I will pick my brother up from the train station at 6 something p.m. then I still feel sleepy at night so I sleep at night (when usually I’m a night owl) lol. I keep going out here and there this week too. I don’t know how much busier I will be once I start my uni life. //thisisnottherealityiwant Anyway, I’m having a headache right now so I might have some typos or confusing statements below… OTL Hope you guys will understand me well. I will read what I wrote again.

@or2ng3 : Hi hi there! Ibuybeauti do ship worldwide! I even asked Ibuybeauti to make sure ^w^ They do ship to Mexico. They ship worldwide for free but if you’re still worry about it, you can add tracking number for your package so you can track your package. Hope this helps! Have a nice day!

@shawol4minho : Ello Shawol4minho! Sadly… I don’t have review for Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer and Play Color Eyes Palette. I do have review for Etude House’s Wonder Pore Freshner but the review is quite old and my old reviews not that informative tbh ; A ; I believe all of the products you’ve mentioned will work well on every skin tones! :D It’s just depend on skin type not tone (for the toner)! ^w^ What is your skin type if I may know? For the Play Color Eyes Palette #2, I believe the colors will look pretty on you! Sorry that I don’t have a review for it, but you can check my senpai full of informations review here (clicky here) and for the Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer, do check my senpai review too here (clicky here) and lastly for the Etude House’s Wonder Pore Freshner please do check out my lovely friend, Michelle’s review over here (clicky here). Hope this helps! Have a nice lovely day! You’re most welcome and ngaww it’s okay! I love long messages! Lol. <3 

@key4x : Hi and hello! I’ve heard of that eye cream but I’m not really familiar with it owo; That’s totally depends on the eye cream’s texture and consistency. If it has a watery consistency, you’ll have to let it dry first before putting your make up but overall I don’t think applying eye cream under make up will makes your dark circle looks worse ^^; I’m not really sure as I don’t really use any eye cream right now but do give it a try and see whether your dark circle looks worse or not if you apply the eye cream prior to your make up. Do let me know once you’ve finished using the eye cream whether it really works wonder or not! ^w^ REMEMBER TO TELL ME OKAY? haha just joking but if you do remember, do let me know so I can give it a try too, HOHO. I think it’s not really necessary but it’s better if you leave your eye area for the eye cream and no, apply your eye cream totally as instructed on the box :D Can I know what tip you’re looking for? Hope this helps! Have a nice day! ^o^ 

@Anon 1 : Hi hi there! Yes your skin is combination! ^w^ VC effector 10? Is it Power 10 Formula VC Effector? The yellow one? If so, can I know whether your skin is acne prone or not? If it’s really Power 10 VC Effector, it’s a brightening serum and if your skin is acne prone, you should be careful on using any brightening products as certain ingredients in brightening products might aggravate your acne prone skin. Did you list the routine in order or just randomly? If it’s in order, there’s a lil mistake on your order ^^;; Firstly I think you should use Missha 1st Treatment Essence before the Skin Malgem Smoother and secondly you should use the Formula 10 VC Effector before Skin Malgem Emulsion as the Formula 10 VC Effector is a serum. As for the spot treatment, I just want to make sure if you only apply it on the troubled spots. ^^ Other than that, everything’s great and in order also you’re using the right skincare for your skin too! Good job! ^w^ Just my opinion, if you want to, you can change Skin Malgem Smoother to Skin Malgem Fresh and you can change to sebum control sebum rather than a brightening serum. You also can skip using the Missha 1st treatment and switch Aloe Moistfull Cream to other cream the next time. But do finish your current skincare products first if you want to switch to something new except if your current routine keeps breaking you out then you can switch immediately. Let’s do not waste! Hehe. Hope this helps! Have a nice day! You’re most welcome and aw thank you so much for your compliments!! ; // A // ; *blushes* Stahp it you. Haha. 

@Anon 2 : Hi hi there! I do know some ways but I’m not really sure whether they will work wonders or not. Hm, can you wait for me? I’ll make a post on this! Thank you for your question! Have a nice day! Hope you can wait for my post *^* Don’t thank me yet! lol. 

@Anon 3 : Hey hey! Thank you for loving the blog! <3 I answered this just recently before, so I will just copy and paste for you? sorry XD  Yes you can use serum and essence in your daily skin care routine but make sure that you only use one on daytime and the other one at night (not both of them at the same time) and you only can use them at the same time ONLY IF one of them or both of them are SPOT treatment which required you apply only on troubled spots. If you’re confuse with what I’m saying and if my explanations are not explicit enough, this is how your routine supposed to looks like ; 

Day = Use essence or use serum (just 1)

Night =  If on the day you’re using your essence, use your serum at night and vice versa. Use just one. 

Or if you’re using 1 spot serum, your routine supposed to looks like this ; 

Day & Night = Apply spot serum only on the troubled areas then apply your normal serum/essence on your face like usual but avoiding the troubled areas which already have spot serum on them. Both can be use on the same time.

Or if you’re using 2 spot serums with different benefits (for example one of the spot serums is for acne and the other one is for diminishing acne scar), your routine shall looks like this ; 

Day & Night = Apply the spot serum for acne on your acne then apply the spot serum for acne scar on your acne scar. Both can be use on the same time. 

Hope this helps! If you’re still confuse with what I’m saying, feel free to drop another message! ^w^ Have a nice day!

@Anon 4 : Hey hey there!~ Both of the products you’ve mentioned should be used with cotton pads! Firstly apply your toner (Etude House’s Wonder Pore Freshner) by moisten a cotton pad (try not to saturate the cotton pad with the toner but make sure to put enough ^^) with the toner (albeit some people do like apply toner just by using their hands, I think it’s more hygienic and better to use a cotton pad)  then move the cotton pad gently in small circles and pay attention to your T-zone. Don’t pull your skin and be careful to avoid your mouth and the area around your eyes. Some people will repeat the process with a new fresh cotton pad until they no longer see dirt on the cotton pad but imho this is not really necessary and can only makes your skin drier. Secondly apply your serum (Skinfood’s Black Sugar First Serum) by moisten the cotton pad with the serum too (usually you don’t need to use a serum with a cotton pad but it’s different with this Skinfood’s serum as it has a watery consistency also the cotton pad they provided has an exfoliation side) then if you’re using the cotton pad Skinfood provided, use the exfoliation side first (make sure to be extremely gentle when using the exfoliation side) to gently remove the dead skin cells and impurities then finish with using the other side of the cotton pad (absorbent side) to pat the skin so the remaining serum on the pad will be absorbed by the skin. Hope this helps! Thank you ofr loving my me omg lol and my blog too! haha. Have a nice day! I love.. myself too! lol joke. 

@Anon 5 : Hi hi hi hi there! It’s better to double cleanse only once a day and it’s better to double cleanse only when you’re using make-up and it’s preferably to double cleanse on night instead of morning too. Oil cleanser? Is it a make up remover? If you’re wearing make-up, start by using make-up remover first then double cleanse it with the foaming cleanser. If you’re not wearing any make-up, imho, it’s not really necessary to double cleanse as it will only makes your skin drier and usually people double cleanse by using make-up remover first then followed by a foaming cleanser not using the same type of cleanser twice (for example using foaming cleanser twice). Hope this helps! Have a nice day! If you’re still confuse about this, do drop me another message ^w^

@Anon 6 : Hi hi there! Sure you can use it but only on dry/normal parts of your skin! Hope this helps! Have a nice day! <3 

@Iris0036 : Hello! :> Thank you for loving mi blog! <3 Do check my post here for blackheads (clicky here) and I hope it will helps you! Products recommendations also included in that post of mine! :D Hopefully it will helps, good luck and have a nice day! ^w^

@Anon 7 : Hi hi there! There are many online store that sell Etude’s products that provide worldwide shipping! But if you’re looking for a free shipping, do check out Ibuybeauti.com! ^w^ Hope this helps! You’re welcome and have a nice lovely day! <3

@Anon 8 : Hey there! Hello! :> Ibuybeauti was looking for 10 beauty bloggers so I emailed them and got lucky chosen by them. Hopefully this helps! Have a nice day! <3

Package from Ibuybeauti

1. Laneige's Water Drop Tint (Fuchesia Pink) $22.99 
2. tn's AC Control Recipe Clearing Toner $20.99
3. tn's Sun Balm SPF50 PA+++ $19.99
4. Skin Food's Chlorella Nose Patch $5.99

Thank chuu Ibuybeauti!  (˘̤ ˘̤)

rnfh Hi hi there! Can I know what is your skin type first so I could recommend you better?  ^w^ However please don’t trust the “Non-comedogenic” on skin care labels easily as as far as I know, skin care manufacturers are not required to pass a test in order to claim their products are non-comedogenic which means they can use the term “non-comedogenic” on their skin care labels easily without actually having tested the final formula for it’s pore clogging potential. That means, essentially, these claims mean nothing to you. Don’t trust “oil free” easily too because the term “oil free” simply means that the products contains no natural oils and not all oils are pore clogging. It’s better to check the ingredients list rather than relying on the labels so you might want to avoid these ingredients if you don’t want to clog your pores ; Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Mink Oil, Corn Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter, Cottonseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Butylene Glycol, PEG 16 Lanolin, Isopropyl Isotearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Myristyl Myristate, Myristyl Lactate, Laureth-4, Oleth-3, Lauric Acid, Stearyl Heptanoate, Cetearyl Alcohol + Ceteareth 20, Cocoa Butte, Stearic Acid / TEA, Myristic Acid, Buytl Stearate, Decyl Oleate, Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Isocetyl Alcohol, Hexadecyl Alcohol, Red Algae, Seaweed, Sodium Chloride, Spriulina, Xylene, Sulfated Castor Oil and Sulfated Jojoba Oil. So far these are the one I’m familiar with, pretty sure there are lots more of pore clogging ingredients. You can find them on the net ^w^ Hope this helps! Have a nice day! Just remember, Do not ever put anything on your skin or your hair without checking the ingredients first, even if it says “won’t clog pores” or “non-comedogenic” on the bottle! :D 

@Anon 1 : Hi hi there Anon! Oh wow, Xyro. lol that actually sounds so futuristic to me lolol XD Hm, how long has it been that you have those spots? The longer you let them on your face, the harder it would be to get rid of them. First of all, can I know if your skin is allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients? Let me know that first then I will try my best to help you! ^w^ Have a nice day! Don’t be sad! Hopefully your skin will be clear from those spots soon! 

@Anon 2 : Hi hi there! Ah, I think you can’t buy Etude House products directly from the official Korean website if you’re not residing in Korea as if I’m not mistaken, you’ll need to provide Korean Identification Card upon registering (an unnie lives in Korea told me this, not sure it’s true or not though). You can purchase Etude House’s products from other online retailer that ships worldwide if you want too ^w^ Thank you for loving my blog! *//^//* Have a nice day!

@cool2haveurl : Hey hey! :D Cool *^* Check out this website then! enkoreadepart ^w^ Hope this helps! Do let me know if you want me to recommend other website! :D Have a nice day and you’re most welcome! <3