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{ Review } Missha Air Fit Magic Cushion Case


Hey guys! I apologize for the lack of updates. Blame Winner lol. I’ve been streaming their MVs everyday, voting them on every sites as well as reblogging/retweeting about them as many as I can, lol. It’s been awhile since I last fangirling so excuse me for being too dedicate this time. Cough, not only Winner tho. Tbvh, I’ve been busy playing game with my japanese friends. lol.. Anyway, today I’m going to review something simple first after my long hiatus and it’s Missha Air Fit Magic Cushion Case. Yes, it’s just a case. Haha. 



{ Name } Missha Air Fit Magic Cushion Case

{ Descriptions } Case with air puff for sun cream & BB cream. It’s portable, convenient to use and can be used anywhere & anytime. 

{ Contents } 1 Case, 1 Puff & 1 Sponge. 

{ Price } $16.90 with free shipping (I bought it here) or around $14 (depending on country, including Registered Airmail) from TesterKorea.

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Hey guys, sorry took me long to answer ;w; ~

ekojjanggg ; Harrooo there! Really? omg thank you so much ; w ; Thank you once again for the compliments! Guehehe I’m glad somebody actually gets my humor. Haha. Ah, I’m sorry I’m not filipino! *A* Iiii-in-inner circle!?! HAYYY there friend! Thank you once again for your message! <3 I do like Jinwoo too, that hyung is too cute to resist. I don’t mind get lost together with him haha. Have a nice day!!

@Anon 1 ; Hello there! Ahh, I’m sorry but I’m going to leave this to my followers since I really don’t know site that accepts payment throughout banks >w<;; I hope my followers can help you! Good luck with your studies!! Have a nice day!

@Anon 2 ; Hi Anon~! I’m sorry for the late reply. I can see that my friend Michelle already answered your question ^^ Yup, Laneige is targeted towards an older audience. You can still use Laneige products but not their skincare. You can still use their make-ups  ;D For skincare, just like Michelle said, you should use products from other brands which targeted more toward your age bracket. Hope this helps! Have a nice day!

@kyutights ; Haii! Thank you for loving my blog . // w // . *blushes*. Aw really? MICHY THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A NEW READER, Gueehehe. Hey really?! *high5* ! Aaa, thank you so much for your compliment TT A TT LOL. I like how you bought it because “out of curiosity” hahaha. Yes I still haven’t write the review yet forgive me because tbh I still haven’t used it LOL. It’s still in my drawer. Let me find it again so I can let you know how to use it. I believe it’s the same like you use toner on cotton pad (wipe on your face). Okay, I found it now and yup. Just use it like you’re using cotton pad ^^ Put the glove on your hand then use it like cotton pad. Hope this helps! Have a nice day! YW! <3 

victorilee ; Hey there! aww thank you ; A ; <3 Have a nice day too!

Thank you Michelle (Jsthero) & Gloria (icensnowprincess) !! ♡

Hey guys, I’m really sorry for the lack of updates! Before I start writing a new review, here’s a special thank you post to Michy (Jsthero) and Gloria (icensnowprincess). 


I’ll start with what Michelle sent me first. Brave yourself this gonna be a long post! Both Michelle and Gloria sent me a lot of stuffs and most of them are super delicious! They totally are spoiling my nonexistent diet! lol. 


The box was super big and heavy! Dat Downy tho! haha. 


All of the items are securely bubble wrapped! 


Sadly one of the chips exploded! lol. Luckily I still can eat it and it was still crispy!


When I was busy unpacking, suddenly I saw a piece of white paper.. It seemed mysterious yet not so mysterious because I felt like I know what it is lol.

imageand.. I’m right. It’s JYP’s picture! LOL. 


and.. it’s not just one everyone. There are more than this but they’re so precious so I’ll just keep them to myself LOL JK. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY INNOCENT EYES MICHY?



Michy wrote me a letter too! Look at how cute the bunny envelope is! I knew it that Michy has a nice handwriting! I kinda expected her handwriting to be round and cute and I’m right lol. I agree, if it’s not for the ad banner, our friendship would not have ‘blossomed’! ♡


These are the chocolates and candies she sent me! I was rained with chocolate and candies that day! ٩(̆)۶ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ 


I wanted to eat them all at once lol.


The Tim Tams! omg, they were really good! I remember that we used to have Tim Tams over here but then they’re discontinued I think. Sob.. I’ve finished all of the Tim Tams and I swear I want more.. All of the flavors are delectable!

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Finally! I’m so so so so so so so sorry (yes I’m really sorry ; A ;) for the lack of updates and for not replying questions for a long time.. . I hope you guys will forgive me T^T and I’m sorry, I’ll make new post probably tomorrow because it’s already 2.24 a.m. right now. Time flies so much faster than I thought D:

cynce-1994 : Heyy qurl! I’m not sure if it’s better than EH’s White Moistfull Spot Treatment (as I haven’t tried it yet) but my recommendation is Skinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum. I have been using this serum for years to fade my dark spots or acne scars ^w^ It’s only $11.80 at Koreadepart (clicky here) too! I hope it will works well on your mom’s skin! Do tell your mom to exfoliate too! :) Good luck to your mom! You’re welcome! Have a nice day!!

@Anon 1 : Hello!! you’re most welcome!! ٩(I’m very glad that you found my reviews are helpful ; // A /; Thank you so much! haha. Yes, it’s okay but it depends. It’s better to go with natural and organic products :D Ikr! Korean cosmetics are so cute *^* Well, there are quite a lot of products that I want to repurchase all over again but usually I prefer to try out new products (usually for makeup, I do repurchase skincare products) rather than keep purchasing the same one BUT if I really have to choose.. 

Skincare ; Skinfood Black Sugar Mask/Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask, Skinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum (I’ve been using them to lighten my dark spots or acne scars) and Skinfood Parsley&Mandarin Spot Gel (I use this to avoid formation of small pimples during my period lol) and I’ve repurchased whole Skinfood Egg White Pore and Skinfood Parsley&Mandarin line before. My skin seems to like Skinfood’s skincare a lot so I’ve been using their products quite a lot (that’s why my blog’s name is Skinfoodian too even my blog now is lacking reviews for Skinfood lol) 

Makeups ; Primera Watery CC Cushion (I didn’t like it at first but after using it more, I love it lol, I love it even more than my Mamonde Real Skin Founder now), Aritaum Honey Melting Tint (cheap yet the quality is great. The color payoffs is good. Moisturizing than most lips products and it gives a nice slightly glossy finish. Sadly the wear time not really impressive and it transfers easily.), Laneige Water Drop Tint (I really love the colors and the finish it gives. It’s quite moisturizing but sadly the wear time not really impressive and it transfers easily too.) and there are more but I can’t really remember now lol. 

Anyway, I hope you’ll purchase based on what you need and what you like not based on what I want to purchase again lol because the products I listed above are what suitable for my skin and are what I like. If I like it, it doesn’t mean you’ll like it too ^^;; So I hope you’ll find the right products for you! Thank you for the questions and have a nice day!!

@Anon 3 ; Hi hi there! It’s probably due to weather, changes of skincare products, lifestyle, diet and so on. There are so many factors as to why your skin can get oily or really dry. But since you said your skin can get really dry then oily, your cleanser is probably the culprit. The cleanser that you’re using is probably drying your skin (stripping your skin natural oil). Each time we strip the oil away, our skin over-compensates for the lack of moisture by creating more oil so if you noticed that your skin become more oily than before, it’s probably really because of your cleanser. I’m not really sure but I think that’s why. Face location? lol. I bet that is autocorrected. haha. Do you have any enlarged pores or pimples? Do let me know first then I can try to suggest to you because I need to make sure of your skin condition first :D Thank you and have a nice day! Looking forward to your reply! :> 

@linglingim ; Hi hi hi there! I’m sorry but I don’t think Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel can really reduce pimple effectively (well maybe it can help a lil bit but that’s it). Since you didn’t mention explicitly in your question, I wonder you want me to recommend products or you want me to tell you ways how to reduce pimple and scar naturally? *^* Anyway I’ll just tell you both ways? lol. 

So products recommendation first ; 

1. Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin line / Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot & Water  - for pimple (If you’ve more budget go for the whole line for the Skinfood Parsley&Mandarin line (toner, serum, spot gel, emulsion, cream) but if you’ve a limited budget just try to get the serum and spot gel first)

2. Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask / Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Wash Off Mask / Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub / Cure Natural Aqua Gel - exfoliator to lighten scars (the first two can be quite harsh as they have big granules, the third one is gentler and the last one is the most gentle one)

3. SKinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum (a whitening spot serum to be used everyday on the scars to help diminish the scars) 

I’ve answer similar questions before so for natural ways to get rid of acne, you can read it here ; 


I’ve included links of some useful posts that might help you for you in the link above too ^^ I sincerely hope this will help you (*⌒∇⌒*) Good luck!

 Have a nice day! 

@Anon 4 ; Hey there! I’ve answered similar question above :D I’m sorry but please refer to it and this post too ; http://skinfoodian.tumblr.com/post/52444710654/hey-do-you-have-any-recommended-product-to-get-rid-the

Thank you and have a nice day! :>

@Anon 5 ; Hi hi! Sure, it’s okay!! Don’t worry! Haha. 

1. Taeyang - ENL (Eyes Nose Lips)

2. High4 ft IU - Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms

3. Eunhyuk&Donghae - Still You

4. Jay Park - Metronome

5. Seung Ri - Gotta Talk To You

6. Exo - Growl

7. Jay Park - Joah

8. f(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum

9. Henry - Trap

10. Jimin - Stand Up

11. C-Clown - Shaking Heart

12. Phantom - Hole In Your Face

13. Rookiez is punk’d - In My World

14. Choucho - Yuuhi Saka

15. L’Arc-en-Ciel  - Daybreaks Bell

16. Shinee - Replay

17. Hanatan - Lady Killer

18. Phantom - Burning

19. Mblaq - Smoky Girl

20. Beast - Shadow

lol it doesn’t seem like a lot but actually a lot of songs are used in my blog.. Hope this helps! I’m glad that you like my playlist! Thank you! Have a nice day!

@Anon 6 ; Hi sorry late but I’ve announced the winners! :D You can see who the winners are here ; http://skinfoodian.tumblr.com/post/92250733750/winners-announcement-skinfoodians-giveaway

skoreaaddict ; Aww hi there! aww lol tumblr butt touch! Thank you so much for loving my butt! (that sounds so wrong but lol). Thank you once again! Have a nice day! <3 :>

@Anon 7 ; Hi there! I haven’t tried the Peach Sake line tbh but as for the Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line, I’ve tried all products from the line and honestly it’s just average. Imo, Skinfood Egg White Pore line definitely works better on reducing the appearance of pores :D Hope this helps! Thank you for the question and have a nice day!

@Anon 8 ; Hey hey! Sure! I think VC Effector is a serum and SYN-AKE Effector is ampoule so yes one is ampoule and other one is a serum! :D You’re welcome! Have a nice day! 

@Anon 9 ; Hi hi there! ; A ; I’m sorry for lack of updates nowadays… Thank you so much for your support!! ; // w/; Mizon Original Skin Energy Collagen 100? I’m not familiar with it so I just googled it and it seems like it’s an ampoule. So it has to be used after toner(skin). No, skin and ampoule are two different things. Skin is toner which has watery consistency and as for ampoule, ampoule has a higher viscosity than toner does. Hope this helps! You’re welcome and have a nice day! :D

@Anon 10 ; Hey Anon! Hm ~ Sheet masks don’t really help my acne and most of the time I get a new acne if I use the wrong masks LOL. How about just go natural way with oatmeal mask? I know it can be a little bit messy and hassle but I really like using oatmeal as my natural cleanser and mask :D You can check out how wonderful oatmeal works on Bubzbeauty’s skin here (clicky here) If you still want me to use sheet masks, go for masks that have ingredients (Green Tea, Tea Tree and so on) to combat acne and make sure they’re not too hydrating because it can lead to breakout. Hope this helps! :D Have a nice day! :>

@Anon 11 ; Hi! There are such products exist but it’s hard to find the effective one D: I ‘m only familiar with Korean skincare products and so far as much as I know, Korean whitening products mostly only even up skin tone or they only brighten your skin up a lil bit and usually they’re expensive T____T so I’m really sorry that I can’t help you right now. I’m sorry once again and I hope you’ll find what you want soon! Sorry!! ; A ; Have a nice day and good luck!

@Anon 12 ; Hi there! It’s better if you can let me know explicitly how much is a relatively inexpensive BB/CC air cushion so I can recommend you better *^* So far the BB Cushion I’ve tried that is the least expensive is Etude House Any Cushion and it still “does the job” :D I loved it! Hope this helps! Have a nice day! :> 

@Anon 13 ; Hey hey!  I haven’t tried that one yet. Aritaum Full Cover BB pact? .. OAO;; Is it Aritaum Full Cover BB Cake? If so I guess the texture kinda similar like Mamonde Real Skin Founder and I think it’s normal for this kind of pact to have ‘particles’ on it. I’m honestly not really sure how to get rid of it as I myself have tried to remove them too lol. I tried to remove them by using a clean puff (in hope that the ‘particles’ (in my case they’re usually my eyelashes LOL) will stick to the puff but nope no can’t do LOL). Maybe you can try pick them using a clean tweezer? (I haven’t tried using a tweezer yet lol let me try someday haha). Sorry if I’m not helping >w<;; But I think you can prevent this from happening by cleaning your puff often. Hope this helps in a way. Sorry once again and have a nice day! Good luck too! :>

@Anon 14 / Sensitive skin anon ; Hi again! I’m really sorry for the super duper late reply! ; A ; Hm.. Serum targets specific skin concern and it has thicker consistency than  toner. Serum/Essence are the same thing but usually serums have thicker consistency than essences and serums have higher concentration of ingredients than essences. Serum/Essence able to penetrates better on your skin. I want to suggest you Skinfood Carrot Range as it is an au-natural range without 7 harmful chemicals but I can’t find the full ingredients list except for the emulsion (clicky here) T_T According to CosDNA, it has alcohol (which you’re allergic to) in it which is Cetyl Alcohol as the surfactant or emollient but it’s not on top of the list tho. Most toners I know have alcohol as one of the main ingredients T_T Skinfood Deep Sea Water Multi Toner doesn’t have alcohol in it but it contains parfum OTL lol.. It has Hydrogenated Castor Oil too which is a pore clogging ingredient. I want to suggest you Mamonde Rose Water Toner too but sob it has fragrance and I think Hydrogenated Castor Oil too OTL.. The overall ingredients seem great tho. I’m sorry. (perfect timing, I was listening to CNBlue - I’m sorry right now and the I’m sorry part was played on the time I said I’m sorry lol.) Most of the toners I’ve look into if not alcohol, they will have Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Fragrance/Parfum in it lol.. . Okay nvm, I just found one! I present to you Innisfree The Minimum Toner which is for sensitive skin! :’D It only has 6 ingredients and no alcohol or parfum or Hydrogenated Castor Oil! Omg now I want this toner too lol.. Now time for serum/essence! Good thing that I found the Innisfree The Minimum line! It has essence too! :D For essence, I recommend Innisfree The Minimum Ampoule Essence for Sensitive Skin and I guess it’s a 2-in-1 (judging from the name - ampoule essence). You can’t use lotion(emulsion/moisturizer) and cream from this line tho as they have Ceteary Alcohol in them. I can’t really find the right emulsion/moisturizer/lotion for you now so maybe just use a hydrating cream instead for hydration :D My recommendation for cream is Primera Pure Hydrating Gel Cream. It doesn’t have alcohol and fragrance! :> Thank you for your compliment! Hope this helps and hope they all will works well on your skin!! :D Good luck and have a nice day! <3

journeyto45kg ; Hi hi there! LOL trust me no. I gained weight I think. haha. Skinfood Tomato Whitening Serum is not a lotion, it’s a serum and believe me the texture not really heavy and as you only apply it to spots, I guess it won’t feel too uncomfortable on skin? o: I’m sorry that I don’t know any gels ; A ; If you want to reduce scars, mostly it works by using exfoliator then follow up with a serum. Serums have higher concentration of ingredients and it  able to penetrates on your skin better so please do reconsider of trying a serum! :> Sorry that I don’t know any gels once again ; w ; Hope this helps and it’s okay! I don’t mind :D Have a nice day and good luck on diminishing the scars! Maybe you can try natural ways if you dislike using something that has rich or heavy texture ^^

{WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT} Skinfoodian’s Giveaway

Thank you to all who have participated in my second giveaway! I’m really sorry to those who didn’t win and I hope you’re not too sad about it but don’t worry there’s next time as I might host another giveaway :) Congratulations to all the winner! Please do check your e-mails and make sure to respond within one week or else I’ll have to pick another winner! Again congratulations and I’m sorry once again to those who didn’t win. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Condolences and prayers goes to everyone on board and their family members. #MH17

6 more days before the contest is closed!


{OPEN TO ENTER} Skinfoodian’s Giveaway ✧

Welcome to my second giveaway! I want to thank all of you for the support and I really appreciate all of you who read and comment on my blog also to those who are asking me questions (I’m so happy that you guys trust me by asking for recommendations, advices and so on). This giveaway actually as a thank you to my readers but in the same time it’s actually because I don’t want to wasting products. The prizes in this giveaway are products that I have extra and I don’t plan to use them in future so I feel like it’s better to host a giveaway rather than let them expired just like that. THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. 

There will be 3 winners and the prize is the winner’s own choice. There’ll be Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3. The first place winner will be able to choose freely between Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3 and the second place winner will left with only 2 choice (2 boxes left) and lastly the third place winner only can pick what’s left. 

1. Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

2. Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream

3. Etude House’s Milk Talk Strawberry SET (Body Wash + Lotion)

4. Etude House Nail Polishes SET

5. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack Trial size. 

6. Samples as shown in the picture above. 

1. Etude House BB Dation Special Kit #Light Beige (Batteries included) 

2. Etude House Skin Malgem Deep Moist.

3. Banila Co Natural Face CC Cream

4. Etude House’s Color Pop Nail Polishes **these nail polishes already been used by me but it’s still in good condition and still a lot so if you don’t want it because it already been used, please do let me know**

5. Samples as shown above. 

1. Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming

2. Etude House Bright Fit BB Cream #Light Beige

3. Laneige BB Cushion Refill. 

4. Etude House Sweet Recipe Pouch 

5. Samples as shown above. 

You can join HERE : 


1. You’ll have to give me your personal informations (Full name, address and phone number) if you’re the winner so make sure you’re able to do that. 

2.  You must join this contest by using Rafflecopter

3. This giveaway is open internationally and I will bear all the shipping costs except custom/tax. 

4. Please make sure your e-mail is contactable so I can contact you if you’re the winner. If any of the winners fail to respond within ONE week, I will pick another winner.

5. I will close the giveaway on July 15th, 2014 and I will announce the winners on July 20th, 2014

6. Follow all the rules, I will cancel your participation if you fail to follow all the rules.

If you’re confuse about the Rafflecopter, I will explain it here. 

1. Enter Your Details Here. 

So you’ll have to enter your details here and the details that I needed are your name (real name), e-mail (contactable ones) and lastly your blog’s URL (YOU MUST HAVE A BLOG/at least facebook). THIS IS MANDATORY.

2. Follow Me On Tumblr (skinfoodian). 

This is not really mandatory as some of you might don’t have a Tumblr so this totally up to you want to follow me or not. If you follow me, you’ll get a +5. Please include your Tumblr’s URL so I can check. 

3. Like Zyroxx on Facebook.

THIS IS MANDATORY and you’ll get +10 if you like my Facebook page. I will be updating my page more than my Tumblr so I feel like you can follow up with me better on Facebook than on Tumblr. 

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E-mail me at zyrooo@hotmail for the code! 

Or get creative and make your own banner! just make sure it’ll link to the giveaway and include “skinfoodian’s giveaways” on the banner. 

Thank you ^w^ Good luck to everyone! Any inquiries, feel free to email me or leave a message. 


I’m so sorry that I’m really slow on answering questions ; A ; I’m turning back to being an owl once again OTL..

@Anon 1 : ( *՞՞*)  Hi there! I bought my Konjac Sponge from Qoo10 Singapore lol, mine was a chinese brand if I’m not mistaken. I wonder which one did you buy? OAO; The quality sucked? Can I know why you said so? *^* Thank you for the question! Have a nice day!! 

@Anon 2 : Hi there!! ^w^ Sorry but this isn’t a kpop fan account, I think you’re mistaken ;D Lol seriously tho. It’s not like I write essay about kpop in every of my reviews.I’m really sorry but if you don’t like the kpop part, you can simply skip it or if it’s still bothering you.. I guess you can just stop reading my review then because I might talk about kpop again in my future review T^T I don’t think I’m the only beauty blogger who talks about kpop in my reviews tho especially when the products we’re reviewing are mostly from Korea which somehow related to kpop. Sorry once again and have a nice day!! :>

@Anon 3 ; Hi hi there! Since you’re looking for a moisturizer that’s not oily or greasy, one of products that crossed my mind is Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion. The texture resembles water albeit the viscosity is higher/thicker. Not only helps on minimizing the appearance of pores, it also has a sebum control properties. However, I think it might be not moisturizing enough for winter :< (I’ve personally used it before). Other product that crossed my mind is a product that introduced to me by my friend (Michelle from Jsthero) which is Primera Watery Oil-Free Gel Cream but it’s not a moisturizer and it’s a cream. Since it’s a cream, it’s supposedly be richer than a moisturizer albeit again I’m still not sure whether it’s sufficient for winter or not. I’ve the cream with me right not but I still haven’t used/tried it yet so maybe I can let you know after I’ve tried it? ^^ My last recommendation is Skinfood Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Emulsion and sorry that I haven’t personally tried it but I think this one might be suitable for Winter! Judging from the name of the product “watery”, I’m supposed it’s not greasy or oily too.  Hope this helps! Have a nice day!! :D

@Anon 4 : Hey hey there! Thank you so much for your compliment!! (;´Д`) Ehtoo… Firstly I’m really sorry as honestly I’m not really sure how but I think exfoliation can help you just like how I did to diminish my dark spots/acne scars on my face. I think people can get dark underarms because of the dead skin cells that have accumulated there so I think exfoliate can really help reduce the dark appearance ^w^ I tried do some researches on it and some people said dark underarms may be caused by shaving and waxing is a good alternative. Some deodorants can darken underarms because of the strong chemicals used too. The areas around underarms can be quite sensitive so imho you’ve to be careful when exfoliate and using products on your underarms. It’s better to exfoliate using natural way rather than use products which might contain harsh chemicals albeit you can still use products with chemicals if you want to but just remember to be double cautious. You can exfoliate naturally using baking soda, sugar/brown sugar or oatmeal (but it doesn’t really “exfoliate”) if you want something that’s more gentle on skin or if you want to try a product with chemicals, my recommendation is The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub (I bought it recently and currently loving it. It’s not too harsh (as you massage it into wet or damp skin whilst in the bath/shower) and I just love how it leaves my skin soft and smooth :>). Btw you can go check with your doctor too because from what I’ve read, dark underarms can be caused by a skin disorder that is known as “acanthuses nigricans”. It can be caused by Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) too. Other than that, I think slightly darker underarms is completely normal as usually skin areas that are very thin usually are darker in appearance. Once again, please be very careful with your underarms skin as it’s delicate. Don’t do excessive exfoliation as it can cause serious harm and scarring or worse the hair follicles, pores and sweat glands in your armpits can become infected. Any infection can spread quickly too which possibly causing a septic shock so it’s very dangerous. Hope this helps! Sorry if I’m not really helping .w.” I’m not really experienced in this case and as the areas of underarms are very delicate, can be sensitive and can be very dangerous, I’m really scared to recommend anything tbh. Do consult with your doctor too! Have a nice day!! :D Sorry once again >w<;;

@Anon 5 / Sensitive skin anon: Hi there sensitive skin anon! XD I like how most anons that asked me questions when return to me once again always say something like “I’m the moisturizer anon” “sensitive skin anon here!” “mist anon here” so I can remember better XD thank you! Hm~ Sorry but I’ve more questions! lol. Are your skin dry or oily or combination? Sensitive skins can be oily too on certain people. Do you have any other skin concerns other than small acne bumps and spots? Like enlarged pores or something? Since you previously mentioned that you have you’re a new timer, I hope you at least already have a cleanser? I wonder what type of product you want me to recommend (ex cleanser, toner, serum etc)? Do you know the differences of toner, serum, emulsion and so on? Lol sorry, I will recommend you after I’ve read your answers! XD Looking forward to your reply! :> Have a nice lovely day!

journeyto45kg : Hi hi there! I like your URL! Good luck on your journey! I’m on my weight loss journey too (but I’ve been continuously cheating lately (I can’t help myself, my mom keep cooking me nice food and I just can’t reject the food TT A TT I feel like wasting if I actually reject it lol, HALP) also not exercising T^T)! Hm, cleansers/scrubs/masks can’t get rid of blackheads but they can help to prevent formation of new blackheads. If you want me to still recommend a good cleansers/scrubs/masks, do let me know your skin type first okay? :D Looking forward to your reply! Btw, I’ve made a post on how to get rid of blackheads and you can read it here if you want to ^w^ (clicky here). Hope this helps and thank you so much for your compliment! :D I’ll accept your thank you after I’ve actually answered your question! ^w^ Have a nice day!!

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{ Review } Aritaum Honey Melting Tint


Hey guys sorry that it took me long to make a new review! I’m going to talk a lil bit long on the introduction part this time so yeah brace yourself! lol. Forgive me that I’m going to talk about K-pop in this review. DNA (Dae Guk Nam Ah) / The Boss (not sure if you guys know them, they’re not really famous ; A ; they’re not even famous in Korea too but luckily they do have quite a lot of Japanese fans) came to a deserted shopping mall (seriously, why they picked that mall when we have another better mall which has more people come everyday.. I guess maybe it’s because of their limited budget) which is quite near with my house so I didn’t want to miss a chance to meet K-pop guys for free, lol. The ticket was cheap (for meet and greet and photo session which cost around $10/RM30) and the show was free but too bad I woke up late so I reached there for about 1 hour late and I missed the chance to buy the ticket :<

When I reached the mall, they already started singing their latest song Why Goodbye and honestly they do have great voices. Their live was great! It’s a bit sad how they’re not really well known yet even in their own country compared to other groups who debuted in the same year as them (I guess it’s because they promote more at Japan than Korea?). Well, I bet some people do know Karam tho (as he’s famous with how people are saying he does look like Jaejoong and some even say that he’s Jaejoong’s child lol). I used to like Mika and Karam from the group and tbh I didn’t even know other members’ names. lol. I know about them when I went to karaoke with my friends. Me and my friends turned on their song (Stumble Stumble) randomly then we ended up squealing because they looked cute in that MV, lol. Mika and Karam kinda looked like my crush back then so well that’s why I liked them, lol….. //tmi.. Haha. Anyway here’s their Stumble Stumble MV if you want to check out! ;; 

I used to like Mika and Karam (but more to Mika) so I expected I would’ve my eyes fixed on him but too bad he has a long hair now and I’ve passed the period of liking guys with long hair and unexpectedly I wasn’t looking at Karam either but instead I had my eyes fixed on the blonde guy (I didn’t know his name at first but I do know now, it’s Injoon) because he seemed cheerful, friendly, smiled a lot and did quite a lot of poses, lol. image

Anyway just like what I expected, there wasn’t a lot of people who came that day. I feel bad for them somehow. I wished there were more people who came. I think there will be more people if their company or the organizer know to promote the event better and pick the right venue. 

Since there wasn’t quite a lot of people, it felt more fun and special to me. I’m somehow thankful that there wasn’t a lot of people that day because it made me easier to take pictures lol. I planned a day before that if I actually get to go to meet them, I will stay on the second floor so I can get better pictures and things went well that day just like what I’ve planned. I stayed on the second floor with my mom to take pictures and next to us was an ahjussi who was curious with what was happening. lol. 




I said I had my eyes fixed on Injoon right? Since I had my eyes fixed on him, I noticed that twice he was looking at me! LOL. For the first one I couldn’t capture that he glanced at me because it happened too fast and I didn’t expect it but luckily for the second time he glanced at me, I was recording a video! lol. Or was he looking at the ahjussi next beside me? *^* lol. Anyway, here comes the proof! LOL. I’ve made gifs of the precious moment! HAHA. He kinda looked like Hongki from far! They all do look good from far but I’m not sure from a close distance tho XD 


Can’t see clearly? FINE, I’ve the cropped version so you can see better! Mwahaha *ebil laughs* 


See?! Told ya he was looking at me! or at the uncle… My heart skipped a beat twice that day because he was looking directly to my way lol. It is still possible that he was looking at the uncle tho. LOL. 

I took quite a lot of pics but not really a lot like I took in the previous concert I went (because they’re not my ultimate fav group atm and I just went there to see cute guys, lol jk but half serious tho XD) and sorry that I’ll just share with you guys some of it since I still have a review to write after this lol. I should’ve made a separate post in a first place I guess. I took videos too and here’s one of them (when they’re singing Why Goodbye) ; 

Sorry that the camera was shaky because I was moving and during that time I just arrived so I still haven’t moved to the 2nd floor yet. I should’ve bought the more powerful zoom lens so I could take better pictures or videos from far distance ahahah.

Alright I guess that’s all for this topic, I hope they can gain a new fan from my post! lol. I wish Mika had hair like this so I could have my eyes fixed on him that time lol. Imo, he seriously looks better with shorter hair like this ; 

Okaii DAN DAN DAN. Let’s continue to review. 



{ Name } Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

{ Descriptions } Honey melting formula melting onto lips like a lip balm and gives long-lasting pigmentation. (cr : Ibuybeauti)

{ Directions } For graduation look, dab it to inside of lips then rub upper and lower lips a few times. For full cover, apply it to the whole lips.  (cr : Ibuybeauti)

{ Net. Wt } 4g

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OTL ORZ OTL ORZ.. I’M SO SO SO SO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLIES ; A ; I was on a vacation with my family for about 5 days so yeahh ;w; I’m going to take some time before writing a new review too, I have commissions to finish OTL. //kinda regretting for joining art shop. I hope I’m not too late to answer the questions! Sorry once again! 

@Anon 1 ; Hi there! Tbh, I’ve only tried small numbers of Missha’s products so I can’t really recommend you anything, sorry ; A ; Anyway, I used to like Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++  and since now there are a lot of cushions available, I prefer to use BB Cushion rather than BB Cream in tube. I’ve tried their First Treatment Essence, Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule (why such a long name ;-;) and Signature Complexion Coordinating BB too but they’re not my HG and I consider they only as okay products. I think I’m not really a big fan of Missha, tbh. So sorry that I can’t help! Btw, their Creamy Latte Cleansing Foams do look interesting to me! Sorry that I don’t know what you should pick up ; w;; Maybe, pick something that you need or something that you still don’t have? Just don’t waste money buying something that you don’t need! (oh look who’s giving advice, lol) Sorry again for not helping ㅠㅠ Have a nice day!

strawberry-iced-tea ; Hi hi there! omg…. So pale indeed! *^* How about Espoir Face Slip Nude Cushion/Espoir Face Slip Nude Cushion Dewy? They do have Porcelain shade for those cushions too. Other than those cushions, I can’t really think of any ㅠㅠ I think it’s quite hard to find a cushion foundation for your shade. There’s another one cushion foundation that’s quite light came across in my head but I don’t think it’s light enough for you ; A ; Even I’m not as light as you, most of the cushions I’ve tried quite dark on me too and the only one I’ve tried that lighter than my face (around 1 shade lighter) is Primera Watery CC Cushion. I’m sorry that I’m not really sure but I think other brands don’t really have lighter shade as for now. If you’re looking for cushion foundation for the ease of application, how about just buy the empty cushion case then fill it with your BB cream? I’m sorry that I can’t really find you cushion foundation ;-; If you’re interested with the empty cushion case, you can buy Missha Air-Fit Magic Cushion Case or A’pieu Smart Cushion Case but honestly the cushion case alone is quite expensive and you can even get a cushion case with foundation with the same price so it’s not really worth it I guess? I’m sorry if I’m not helping here ; w;; Hope this somehow helps. Have a nice day! ; o; 

@Anon 2 ; Hey Anon! Sure, I can try recommend you something *^* So, moisturizer that’s not oily or greasy that’s suitable for winter… that’s honestly quite tough for me as I haven’t experienced winter even once before in my life but dw, I can imagine LOL. So moisturizer that’s not oily/greasy as in the texture (moisturizer that doesn’t feel oily/greasy on skin) or the formula (oil-free)? Can I know your skin type too? I think I can recommend you better if I know your skin type *^* So yeah, looking forward to your reply! ^w^ Have a nice day!

@Anon 3 ; Hello deer! Hm, how about Etude House Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Eyeliner Pencil? It’s creamy, glides smoothly and is waterproof so it’s doesn’t fade away easily! :> I believe it’s great for waterline too! Not only that, it has a sophisticated array of colors! Hope you’ll like it and hope this helps. Have a nice day!

starlight-chuu ; Hello there! Actually to be very honest, I don’t promote people. There was a person who mailed me asking me to promote him before because he was a new blogger too but I rejected him because I personally feel it’s not fair. I’m sorry and no offense, if I want to promote people, I will promote them because I want to and not because they asked me to promote them. Every bloggers started from the bottom when they just started their blogging journey and all of us have no readers to begin with so to me it’s a bit unfair if I promote you just because you asked me to when some of other bloggers work hard by their own to gain recognition and readers so I’m really sorry once again. My blog is not even that great and has many readers to begin with too so I don’t think I’m the right person to promote people. ; A ; Sorry again!! I hope this won’t discourage/make you sad or let you down or something instead I hope this make you feel more passionate on blogging and will work hard to get your blog recognized! :D Let’s work harder to get our blogs recognized by people and gain more readers! You’ve a nice blog, so I’m sure people will come read your blog by themselves and not because I’ve promoted you! ^w^ Sorry and have a nice day ; w; Thank you for loving my blog! ^^ 

annyeongitssandy ; Hello! WB! haha. Lol I’m sorry for being slow on answering your question! Yup that’s what a nail essence supposed to do! Aw, I wasn’t really being helpful but you’re welcome! lol. Thank you too and have a nice day!! <3

@Anon 4 ; Hey hey there! ₍₍ ( ˃̶ ˂̶)◞♡ It’s okay to use two emulsions in your routine but on a different time and not on the same time (one for the day, one for the night time!) or you can use two different emulsions on the same time too but only if you’re using on different parts of your face and not the same part (for example you’re using EH’s Skin Malgem Emulsion on your cheeks and Skinfood’s Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion on your forehead) but tbh it’s quite weird to use two emulsions on the same time. It’s better to just switch them (use EH’s Emulsion at the day time and Skinfood’s Premium Tomato Whitening Emulsion for the night time) rather than using two at the same time so I hope this helps ^w^ Using 2 emulsions at the same time can be too rich for your skin and can lead to breakouts so it’s better to use just one at a time. You’re welcome! Hope this clarify your question and if you’ve any further question, feel free to leave me a message! Have a nice day! :>

Anon 5 ; Hi hi hi there!! Thank you so much for loving mi blog! Let me hugguu yuu (˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ) Omg really? Thank you so much for letting me know that you actually like my ingredients talk section because I honestly thought people don’t actually read that section so I’m really really delighted to know that it’s useful to some people too. ; A ;; Hmmm, since you said your skin is quite sensitive.. Can I first know what your skin sensitive to? I will recommend you something after you’ve answered my question, okay? ^^ So, I’m looking forward to your reply! Don’t thank me yet- lol. Btw, thank you once again and I hope you’ll have a nice day!! 

nichkhunnie ; hello derr Tifa-oh-*cough*- I mean, Nichkhun. Sure sure sure! I’ve combination skin too so high10! ٩() The CC Creams that I’ve tried that have a nice coverage are Hera CC Cream and Primera Watery CC Cream! If you haven’t checked out my review for the Primera CC Cream, you can read it here (clicky here) . Sorry that I still haven’t reviewed the Hera CC Cream tho! Awww,  ۝ Gamsahamnida Nichkhun-ssi for loving my blog, it’s an honor to be having a cute with hot body idol to be liking my post. Lol just kidding. Thank you so much for your support! <3 <3 Have a nice day! *sheds tears away dramatically* Thank you once again!

sehunniedew ; Hey there, omo Sehun!! First it was Nichkhun then now it’s Sehun? lol jk. Thank you so much for the recommendation! Btw lol sorry, she was looking for natural brands not products *cough* I’m really sorry but it was really kind and nice and super sweet of you for recommending tho! Yup EH’s I’m Blooming Line is natural! :D I do like the I’m Blooming Line!! LOOOL. Really? Allergic to natural products? Awwie >w<;; Thank you once again!!!!!!  & Have a very nice day!!!!! <3 Thank you so much!! <3

@Anon 6 ; Ayee there! oOh the icon? Ah, IKR. I see a lot of people with this kind of icon and it’s indeed so cute but I’m really sorry that I forgot where I made the icon! I think it’s a japanese website and you can create your own icon. You pick eyes, face shape, hairstyle, nose shape, lips shape etc to make your own icon. Screw that, I found it! HAHA. Thanks to the powerful uncle Google, here’s the site to make it! ;; ICON GENERATORS Enjoy!! Teehee I’m glad that I found it. Have a nice day! 


@Anon 7 ; Hi hi there! Thank you for reading my review!! <3 Tbh, I didn’t really remember about Sebaceous Filaments before until you’ve messaged to me about it. Yes, it could be Sebaceous Filaments but I think not all “extracted” from my nose were all Sebaceous Filaments. I’m not a dermatologist or a skin expert but I think in general Sebaceous Filaments are way smaller than blackheads and they can be seen when you’re paying close attention to your face. The color of Sebaceous Filaments are more to white and are slightly yellowish and greenish while Blackheads when still on the skin (before extracted) are black in color but once you’ve taken them off (extracted from skin), you can see that only top of the blackheads are darker in color (almost looking like black) while bottom parts which are not oxidized yet are lighter in color than the top parts (dark yellow greenish in color which the color is way darker than Sebaceous Filaments but lighter than top of the Blackheads). In one of the pictures I attached in my review (the nose one) you can see that my blackheads look kinda white and I believe that’s because I’ve opened my pores prior to that picture is taken plus I was using a flash for that picture so it kinda washes off the color. I’m not 100% sure but I think these circled below are Sebaceous Filaments

(I should’ve typed instead of writing using tablet lol but too late as I can’t undo it back, sorry for the ugly handwriting. )

which as you can see they’re smaller and lighter in color. As to your question about differences of Blackheads and Sebaceous Filaments, I think (I could be wrong as the informations I can find about Sebaceous Filaments are quite limited plus I’m not a professional) Sebaceous Filaments are smaller, lighter in color than Blackheads and Sebaceous Filaments usually sticking out more than Blackheads do (blackheads usually just like black dots on your skin and they only partially sticking out when you’ve opened your pores). Sebaceous Filaments can be removed by using a pore strip but most of the times they’ll come back and it’s normal to have Sebaceous Filaments so you don’t really have to remove them as the cycle repeats if you removed them. Usually Sebaceous Filaments can be found around the center of face (usually on cheeks areas which are near with nose, on nose and the area of under lip). I think this blog (click here) shows good example of Sebaceous Filaments ;

( credit to the owner, I’ve edited her picture, I hope it’s alright since I still link it to her blog. I’ll go get permission after this >w<;; LINK HERE » CLICK HERE . Thank you to the owner!) 

Circled with red color are Sebaceous Filaments and circled with black color are Blackheads. If you compare my pictures with her pictures, you can see that Sebaceous Filaments are smaller than blackheads »

(credit to the owner again and sorry since it’s picture, some parts are not clear and blurry so I can be wrong) Thank you for your question and I hope this clarify your question! I will put Sebaceous Filaments in my review, courtesy to you so my readers won’t be confuse, I hope it’s okay XD Thank you once again and I’m sorry that I’m not 100% sure about this and the colors can varies from person to person and I totally could be wrong as I’m not a professional ; w ; Thanks once again and have a nice day!

@Anon 8 ; Hi there tax anon!! <3 <3 You’re very very welcome (lol) !! <3 I’m glad that it somehow maybe helped you? XD Thank you too! Have a nice day!! <3

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